What is Roof Algae?

Your roof Is still under biological attack

The most usual offender inducing these unsightly stains on asphalt roofs would be parasitic algae known as Gloeocapsa magma. Within the last 25+ years, that this breed of roofing algae is now hardier and has since migrated into less humid surroundings. It has become a frequent sight on asphalt roofs around 80 percent of the USA. The expansion happens on the west or south-north side shaded regions of the roofing system. Since the roofing algae grow and grow, it retains the corrosion of your asphalt shingles and moisture that accelerates its development.

Stained roofs are not just an eyesore, they contribute to premature roof replacement

Mold/Algae/Fungus not just discolors your roofing, but it is shortening the life span of the roofing shingles resulting in roof replacement that is mandatory. Mold/Algae/Fungus discolors the outside, dislodges the protective granules and absorbs solar heating, raising energy invoices.

Some health issues can be posed by the existence of the algae in close proximity to your dwelling environment. The potential does exist for all these algae lead to issues and to invade the house. Roof cleaning reducing the danger for your loved ones and you can decolonize and eliminate these micro-organisms.

A roof that is noise requires repair or upkeep even to return it into, its best condition, or to keep it inside. So that’s why you need to contact a roof service company like Tampa Roof Company, and you may visit their website for more details.

Cleanup roof algae out of a stained roof

The elimination of roofing algae is expensive and harder than its avoidance. Feazel urges your roofing to be cleaned and get a treatment every 12-24 weeks out of returning, to maintain the stains and make sure the hardness of your roof.

Feazel does not need any scratching, hence eliminating the need for stress washing and utilizes. Classic roof cleaning procedures utilize high-pressure washing and toxic chemical ingredients like bleach, and sodium hydroxide (Lye), magnesium, zinc, or acidity. These methods kill their own landscaping, can harm the integrity of the roofing and also lead to injury to brick, side, chimney, windows or pets.