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With every newborn child, there are 3 cliché things that immediately happen and these are;

  • Announcement of the gender
  • Counting the toes and fingers and;
  • Which part looks more like its dad and mom

The moment that our children are born, parents are quick to check for resemblance in them. Genes could also shape personality traits similar to spirituality and leadership. Despite the remarkable innovations and developments in genetics, understanding of genetics as well as environmental interaction is still a long way.

Your Genes are the Answer

It is simple to find similarities in the appearance of your child.

Majority of the traits are determined by various genes that are working together.

For instance, the hair color. If a father is carrying a dominant gene for its brown hair and mother is carrying a recessive gene for blond, then it is likely that their child will have brown hair but some of the grandchildren have probability to become blond. The reason for this is that, the kids inherited both sets of genes which may combine with the blond genes from its mates in producing fair-haired offspring.

Sometimes, You need to Look Deeper

Despite the fact that you don’t look exactly like your kid, there are still subtle yet striking resemblances you’ll find. It could be the facial expressions you make when happy, angry, sad etc. or attitudes and personalities.