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Cats have 9 lives. This is used and common myth we hear from lots of people. However, where does it actually come from and why 9 lives? So back to the main topic, do cats really have 9 lives?

Scientifically speaking, it is a big NO! Cats and the rest of the animals only have one life.

Cats Live once as well, There’s No Dark Magic in it

On the other hand, many could agree on the fact that cats are one of the most independent pets there is. They are capable of withstanding falls and several serious accidents without injuries or wounds. Perhaps, this is where the saying comes from that cat has 9 lives.

Cat’s Anatomy

Well this is all because of the anatomy of a cat!

  • They have big surface area than their weight and therefore, it reduces the force of landing
  • Cats evolved to live tall trees and as a result, adapted to conquer falls
  • Cats have righting reflex which allows them to quickly twist their bodies and be able to land on their feet safely
  • Cats have remarkable flexibility in their ligaments and bones which help them in sustaining minimal injury from various accidents.