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When a tiger hunts, it hides in long tall grass or bushes to get closer to its prey. This way, they’re going to have an easy kill. Then, they’ll slowly sneak towards the prey and stalk so it would not have a chance to escape.

Hunting Prowess

On the other hand, when the target is around 20 to 30 feet, which is about 6 to 9 meters away from the prey, it’ll go down from hiding and shoot a burst of energy to sprint directly to the target.

Tigers are fierce animals and capable of jumping more than 30 feet. This provides them with humongous advantage in going in for the kill.

They will then pounce the prey, apply its sturdy hind legs in guiding the struggle with the prey and front legs to drag its target towards the ground. By the time the prey gave up, the tiger will now snap its spine or grab the throat using its sharp teeth and strong jaws. This is a guaranteed quick death.

Dinner is Served

It will then drag the prey as soon as it’s killed to the location to which, it will enjoy its meal.