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Cryogenic is offering both terminally ill and elders the chance of freezing their body in hopes to be revived in the future when the technology improves. But the question is, how it works? Cryogenic is basically freezing the dead body using liquid nitrogen to preserve it.

Temporarily Dead?

Advocates do believe that science will be able to figure out how to warm up the bodies and bring it back to life by which time, the doctors may have cure for untreatable diseases of today. As of this moment, cryogenic freezing can take place only when a person is declared dead.

Upon the arrival in the facility, the body is put in arctic sleep bag and then, cooled using nitrogen gas by up to -110 degrees Celsius for the next few hours.

For the next two weeks, the body will be frozen slowly until it reaches a temperature of -196C. Then after, it’ll be suspended in liquid nitrogen and is transferred in patient care bay. This is where it’ll stay indefinitely until the time when science advanced.

Huge Leap in Science

Facilities offering cryogenic service have the option for neurocryopreservation. This is where the head will be removed and frozen. According to science, a new body may be regenerated or cloned in the future in which the body can be attached to.