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We are aware that a body is embalmed when it dies. But what is actually the reason for embalming? Basically, the process is intended to replace bodily fluids with preservative solutions with the goal of disinfecting the body and prepare it for visitation by setting features of deceased to look more appealing.

Numerous traditional funeral homes would tell clients that it’s their company policy to perform embalming for visitation.

Why a Body is Embalmed?

Apart from disinfecting the body and slowing down its decomposition, there are also pigments that embalming has.

This enhances the dead body’s appearance by returning and temporarily preserving the color to their hands and face.

Thus through embalming, the deceased might not look totally as they were.

The sunken features and washed out color could be upsetting to some. This is the reason why embalming is a great option. For some however, the body in natural state after death is a validation of its closing chapter. Even so, the option whether to do embalming or not is up to the loved ones of the deceased and thinking what is good and what is right.

When it is Recommended?

If the deceased suffered a traumatic accident or autopsy, then doing some sort of repair and potentially embalming will be recommended.