Myths Caused Humans to Fear Bats for the Wrong Reasons

People have been scared of bats for so long and for various reasons, not understanding that humans are driving them to extinction as a result of habitat loss.

Due to various mythological stories and Celtic folklore a negative symbolism as omens of evil forces have been linked to bats. The belief that bats bite and feed on the blood of humans have spread far and wide, ever since the discovery of a bat species that prey on small animals; for which they were given the name “vampire bats.”

Mankind now fear these mammals because of the diseases they have been found to carry. Modern day virologists were able to trace the origins of the coronavirus in certain species of bat wildlife. Ordinarily, humans are forewarned about bats and their rabies, in the same way that people can contract rabies from other wild animals and even unvaccinated pets. The truth about bats is that they attack those that confront them with actions that trigger the animal’s defense mechanism as a way to protect itself or its colony.

Other Important Facts About Bats

Contrary to beliefs that bats are a nuisance to their environment, particular bat species actually play an important role in sustaining their ecosystem. Bat species like those populating the natural environments in the southwestern part of the U.S. are helpful to the massive saguaro cactus. These mammals help in distributing pollen, enabling the plant to produce flowers and more seeds.

However as humans built communities, roads, and transport infrastructures, many of the caves that bat wildlife used as habitats have been demolished to make way for mankind’s expansion in countrysides and rural areas. As a result, bats adapted to the changes by migrating to vacant buildings in cities and under bridges. Some bats like the long-eared bat, are able to penetrate the attics of houses where they found easy to penetrate openings. Attics after all, are ideal as roosting places where bats can eventually breed and build colonies.

In fairness to humans, many people across the globe came to understand the plights of bat species and the need for them to survive and avoid extinction. Many animal lovers took particular interest in bats and in looking for ways to help them survive. That is why in different parts of the world you will find houses specifically built for bats in parks, or in backyard areas dedicated for bat conservation.

These people also advocate the use of humane methods when removing bats in buildings and attics, as the practice of killing these much maligned animals could speed up their extinction. Homeowners looking for wildlife removal professionals who will address bat problems should first check out their website.

Wildlife removal experts usually provide information about the methods used when extracting wildlife, particularly bats in attics, as well institute remedies to prevent the recurrence of another bat attic invasion.