How to Ace Your Genetic Course


Tips for Understanding Concepts

-Go to school, take notes (telegraphic style, abbreviating as necessary), and as soon as you can thereafter, duplicate your notes in clear handwriting and entire phrases. Ones typed on a keypad are less likely to be remembered than words written by hand.

-Plan reading sessions that last 30 to 35 minutes, but only when you are not fatigued or distracted. Most people discover that after 30-35 minutes of intensive focus, their attention starts to waver.

-Read carefully. Go somewhere clean, peaceful, and well-lit, then switch off your laptop and smartphone. You can simply search for Facebook pages of restaurants with several followers and good reviews.

-Beginning with a quick skim of what you believe you can cover in your reading session, such as an introduction

-Look at the graphics; here is the aerial view of the landscape that will help you stay on course.

-In the glossary, look up any new terminology.

-Reread challenging passages and jot down in handwriting the main ideas.

-The main ideas should be highlighted, underlined, or better yet, summarized in your own words. Significant terms are in boldface, key ideas are underlined with bullet point lists, and basic ideas are set off and marked Key Concept in the textbook to make it easier to identify these.

-Stop reading for a while and work through the Stop & Think puzzles. They are made to assist you in determining whether you have fully comprehended and are able to apply the ideas you have just read.

Tips for Solving Problems

-The Solutions: Step By Step should be used. These walk you through the methods used to address the main categories of issues brought on by the ideas in each chapter.

-Prior to beginning a challenge, be certain that you comprehend the request.

-If you need help understanding the essential terms in an issue, consult the glossary.

-To build confidence, start with some simple issues.

-Don’t waste time on problems that are similar to those you already know how to solve once you have mastered a particular type of challenge. You actually learn from challenges that you don’t instantly know how to fix.

-Do not hurry. As the proverb goes, haste generates waste, and haste increases the likelihood of making foolish errors.