Doesn’t because Your Healthy, You’ll Live a Good and Long Life

Respected researchers from Italy, South Africa and Canada have discovered a new gene that could result to sudden death among athletes and young people. This gene is called as CDH2. It is causing arrhythmogenic right ventricle cardiomyopathy or simply ARVC. This is a type of genetic disorder that is predisposing patients to cardiac arrest and is considered as the primary cause for unexpected deaths among what seems to be healthy individuals.

It is Only Fitting to Secure One

Just learning about the news is scary in its own right. Come to think of it, you’re perfectly healthy individual, eating a balanced diet and engaged in active lifestyle yet, in just a snap, you could die of a cardiac arrest because of CDH2. No one can really foresee when our last days on earth will be. Thus, this only makes it more sensible to get uitvaartverzekering for our family to be protected from the bills and other expenses associated in a death of a family.

The discovery of this dangerous gene has been published in “Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics”. This is the result of thorough and meticulous study from international collaboration of scientists and experts that started 15 years ago.

People behind the Astonishing Discovery

The study has been led by South African team that’s headed by Bongani Mayosi. He’s a cardiology professor at Groote Schuur Hospital and at the University of Cape Town. They are in collaboration with researchers from University of Pavia and Italian Auxologico Institute of Milan. Not to mention, there’s also the highly respected team of investigators from Hamilton Health Sciences and Population Health Research Institute of McMaster University that’s headed by Dr. Guillaume Paré who performed bioinformatics analysis and genetic sequencing for the study.

CDH2 is accountable for producing N-Cadherin or Cadherin 2.

This is a key protein for the normal adhesion between cardiac cells in the body. The discovery of the gene was then validated by finding second mutation on same gene to another patient who has ARVC from a different family.

Don’t be Cocky about Your Health

According to researchers, they identified that the gene plays a vital role as it helps in clarifying the genetic mechanisms underlying ARVC. At the same time, it makes early detection of ARVC possible among unsuspecting people.

In most cases, diagnostic clinical signs of such disease becomes clearer only after several years. On the other hand, if the subject with ARVC is the carrier of mutation on gene CDH2, then other members of his/her family who are affected genetically may be identified as well within weeks. Thus, preventive strategies can be initiated immediately.