7 Anime Characters That Are Not Genetic Freaks

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Usually, anime heroes are strong for two reasons.

First, they were born into a powerful family. So there is a genetic factor as to why they are so mighty.

Secondly, they can giveaway extraordinary powers for some reason. For example, meet someone who gives them power, so the container of an extraordinarily powerful creature, and others.

But is there an anime hero whose strength does not come from giveaways or genetic factors of great families? By watching anime, this is what I found!

1. Sakata Gintoki – Gintama

From what we saw until the manga ended, this Sakata Gintoki did not come from a special family, nor did he get the power of a giveaway from any particular entity.

He is really just a veteran samurai who is good at using swords.

2. Kenshin Himura – Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin was born to a peasant family, not to a samurai family.

The technique he obtained was only the result of training.

Still, after being trained by Hiko Seijuro, Kenshin became one of the greatest swordsmen in Japan. A figure who is able to win from enemies such as Enishi, Sojiro Seta, Udo Jin-e, and many other names.

In Rurouni Kenshin, there are many types of characters like this. Sanosuke Sagara is more or less an ordinary person who becomes strong because of training. Similarly, historical figures such as Hajime Saito, who according to history his father was an ashigaru or walking soldier.

3. Rock Lee – Naruto

Rock Lee is his family in no indication of being Konoha’s famous family.

He also doesn’t have a special status like Jinchuriki, nor does he have a special dojutsu.

Rock Lee is a figure who was really born ordinary, and later became great because of hard training.


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4. Saitama – One Punch Man

If it is from Dr. Genus’s theory, Saitama’s strength does not come from other sources.

Basically, Saitama is just an ordinary person whose routine practice breaks the limiter of human power in him. That’s what makes him so crazy about his strength.

But it seems that there is still a mystery about this Saitama, and that Dr. Genus theory may not have explained all of Saitama’s strengths. If for example Saitama is revealed to have a giveaway and we don’t know, then this list will be updated.

5. Guts – Berserk

We’ve really seen Guts since the moment he was a baby. From what we have seen, her biological mother is really just an ordinary woman. His foster parents were then arguably not too privileged in his position in the Berserk world.

Even so, Guts transformed into one of the strongest humans in Berserk. Before he can berserker armor, he and his big sword can overcome dangerous enemies.

6. Gyomei Himejima – Kimetsu no Yaiba

From what we have seen, this Gyomei Himejima is not even from a samurai family. Before he became a demon slayer, he was just a monk.

Even so, Himejima’s strength can be said to be horrified. Even before becoming a demon slayer, he could cause one demon to die by beating the demon until the sun rose.

In Kimetsu no Yaiba itself, there are quite a lot of characters whose strength is based on training and experience. Including a figure like Inosuke.

But Himejima is among the most prominent because he is considered the strongest of the pillars in the Tanjiro era.

Demon Slayer Mark then made Himejima even stronger when the symbol appeared on her body. But since before that, he has also become the strongest pillar among demon slayers.

7. Ippo Makunouchi – Hajime no Ippo

This Makunouchi Ippo, his father, and his mother, can be regarded as ordinary. His father was a fisherman.

Therefore, it is also interesting that Ippo has a great talent for boxing power.

But if you read Hajime no Ippo, you will feel that the key to Ippo’s success is not just talent. He must also practice hard!

Those are seven anime heroes whose strengths do not come from giveaways or from family talents.