Why Are Men More Attached To Cars?

Men and cars, most of us get this. Cars make men feel cool and sexy. Cars are fun, loud, and empowering. Often times dangerous especially when the world is conspiring to take these babies from men. So regardless your status is in the society, no matter how manly or gay-ish you are, if you are biologically a man, then you must like digging cars (not women). Cars are the machine that identifies the manly world. The question is why?

Cars bring out the best among men?!

Perhaps if you ask a hundred people (a combination of men and women), there will be more men who will answer they love to drive compared to women. So it’s like a universal thing that men take over the wheel. Recent studies show that there are a couple of reasons why is this so. So yeah, it’s the appeal of masculinity linked to technology and the appeal of being the person in control. The latter statement could raise arguments between gender, but it boils down to whoever holds the wheel takes control.

Another statement that could be a reason for argument – Car space equals masculine space and so car accessories like Best dash cam 2019 and GPS systems are more preferrable by men vs women. In the past, the famous car company, BMW has to recall their pre-installed GPS system in their cars mainly because the voice recognition capability refuses to take instructions from women which is a little obvious that the makers of this GPS system could be men who forgot that there are millions of women controlling the wheel too.

Another study in the United Kingdom recorded that both men and women take pleasure from psychosocial benefits just from gaining access to cars (vehicles as a whole). They like the feeling of prestige, autonomy, and protection. From this study, only men show a significant increase in self-esteem when driving cars. The same study shows that more men enjoy the psychological benefits of driving depending on the type of car. This explains why more men are behind a sports car – raises their self-esteem further than women.

So regardless of what divides men and women in this modern world that we live in today, cars are no longer exclusive to men compared to the early stages of its launch into society. The very first cars were huge machines that were physically demanding to run plus the fact that the past road system was not as smooth sailing as it is now. The simple changing of tires would require a man’s strength. When the first woman was reported to drive a 30-horsepower Maxwell throughout the country, it has hit the news big time and somehow touched the so-called men’s ego.

Moving back to present, it doesn’t really matter if you stand to say that cars will always be for men, the truth is that the world is changing, and much like the world has changed, cars had changed too. With so many changes in the automotive industry, the modern roads now are filled with almost equal amounts of men and women behind the wheels.