The Female Reproductive System: How Does The Baby Gets Into The Womb?

The gift of life, babies, are a bundle of joy and the one of life’s amazing miracles. That’s why new parents carefully choose tested products (like those products tested in Velgenklere website) to care for their newborns. Many of our young ones may have seen how a baby comes out of a mother’s womb in a film about childbirth.

Understanding The Female Reproductive System

And so they ask, how does the baby get into the womb?

Children are amazed with newborns. They spend a lot of time wondering how their little brother or sister get into mommy’s womb. While we carefully choose the words to explain the reproductive system, using the right words that they understand and close to the truth is better than using a flower or a bird to explain facts.

Babies are conceived in the mother’s womb. When the penis is in the woman’s vagina while making love, having sex or intercourse, semen enters the woman’s uterus. There they make their way to the woman’s egg cell. The egg cell and sperm cell fuse together and form the very first cell of the future baby. That is when the baby is conceived.

When does that happen?

A woman cannot get pregnant all the time. The egg that the sperm cell encounters must be “ripe” – only then can the sperm penetrate the egg cell and fuse with it. Such a mature egg is only formed once a month for a few days in a woman’s body. And only then can she get pregnant.

What’s next?

Immediately after conception, the first cell in the baby’s body begins to grow, that is, it divides and doubles. This is how it continues for the next hours and days: dividing and doubling. A whole heap of new body cells is created in a short time. After just a few weeks you can see that this cluster of cells is taking on a shape: a head becomes recognizable, hands and feet are formed and a heart is created that beats.

Is there another way?

Yes. In artificial insemination, a child is born without the parents having sex with each other. A woman’s egg cells can be “artificially” fertilized with man’s sperm cells in special clinics. To do this, the woman’s mature egg cells are taken out of her body in the laboratory and sperm cells are inserted into these egg cells with a pipette (a kind of syringe). The artificially fertilized egg is then returned to the woman’s uterus. If everything goes well, the baby will grow there until it is born.s