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An organism or animal species is considered to be extinct when there’s nothing of their kind is alive. On the other hand, animals will be considered as “endangered” when they are at high risk of being extinct. There are animals that are deemed to be extinct in wild.

Meaning to say, its only surviving members are living in captivities such as zoos.

There are numerous reasons why animals become extinct. These days, a lot of animals that are endangered or become extinct primarily because of human influences. Few of the ways on how animals become extinct can be cited below:

Natural Forces

Throughout the course of time, there are already various species that become extinct. This is a natural process. Species might be extinct as a result of climate change, competition with other species, lack of food supply or the combination of these all.

Human Interaction

These days, there are a lot of conservationists who are extremely concerned with human interaction that causes species to its extinction. This is due to the reason that human interaction significantly boosted the extinction rates beyond what usually must occur in natural process.


There are lots of species that are being hunted to its extinction or to the point in which they’re borderline endangered or extinct.